"So...if you want to be fit, well conditioned, resilient, strong, technically efficient, powerful, then CrossFit 1020 is the place to be.  It is for this 60 year old.  Here is what I've learned at CrossFit 1020:

  • CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity;
  • Effort - pushing myself to do the most I can do;
  • Community - competing against myself but always encouraged by others to push my limits.  Even those that finish the WOD last (and me being the Box's resident senior citizen, I am typically the one that finishes last), gets a high-five;
  • Coaching - instruction from certified instructors that care;
  • "Try" and "can't" aren't a part of the vocabulary, and if those words somehow sneak into the conversation it's a burpee.

 I know that I can “do this”, that I “got this”, that I can “stay on that bar”, and that I can “keep moving” and go “unbroken”. I find myselfin the best physical shape that I have been in in years, thanks to CF1020, a great place to train… nice job coaches at CrossFit 1020"  

-Dennis Araujo, CrossFit Ten Twenty Client

"In just under a year, CrossFit 1020 has become my second home, my family, my therapy, and my social outlet.  Before I joined 1020, I was easily intimidated (especially by a barbell!!), self conscious, confused, self doubting, and unhealthy.  I didn't understand the importance that mobility and muscle tissue played into our long term health and well being.  The 1020 community has changed all of that.  They welcomed my weaknesses into their doors and changed my quality of life forever.  The coaches at 1020 that I need to grow and maintain the new confident, strong, happy and healthy me.  The coaches go an extra mile to analyze technique, correct form, and ensure that all (family) members are progressing in a safe and efficient pace that fits each individual level.  Outside of box time, they provide us with new information, motivation, and they check in with us when there is concern.  Their genuine care and desire to see us grow excites and motivates me to continue my journey in fitness."

-Jenna Pearse, CrossFit Ten Twenty Client

"I have always been athletic and actively participating in sports.  For three years in college with no sports to participate in, I went back and forth between running and (attempting) to lift weights.  My weight would yo-yo and I become very discouraged in any workout regimen I tried.  I came across CrossFit 1020 and jumped at the opportunity and am glad I gave it a chance.  On my first day, I fell in love with it.  The coaching staff is friendly and encouraging but also challenges you and pushes you to your limits. They are also very conscious about form and preventing injury, which is very important to me.  With correct form and hard work, I have been able to push past my comfort zone and hit many new personal records.  They have become family in such a short amount of time.  They go out of their way to work with you and are very informative when first starting out in explaining all the different moves and proper form for that.  CrossFit is mentally and physically challenging.  It is also fun to compete against yourself and see your improvement over time.  I strongly encourage anyone interested in CrossFit to come to 1020.

-Julie Bullion, CrossFit Ten Twenty Client