Male Athlete of the Month: April 2017

Name:  Travis Cory

Age:  A young 28

Hometown:  Jerseyville, IL

Occupation:  Project Manager

How long have you been a member at 1020?  Since the time Ten Twenty first started, I'm an OG!

Tell us about your first day walking through the doors at Ten Twenty: The first day was actually in the warehouse space at the back of our (Contegra) office.  After the warm-up I thought to myself, "that's just the warm-up?!"

What benefits/accomplishments have you seen/had since joining?  I feel like I am healthier than I have been in awhile although I still have a long ways to go.  And I've gained several new friends since Ten Twenty has started...."I love you guys!"

What are your individual goals? Continue to attend classes on a more regular basis (insert laughs here) and get my health/body to a place that I'm more comfortable with.  This dad bod has to go!

Favorite moment at 1020 so far?  I don't have a favorite as there's been too many good times to pick just one.

What do you enjoy  most about the coaching staff at 1020? They're a great group of individuals who treat everyone with respect and are always willing to spend extra time with anyone who needs help working on a lift/movement.

Words of advice for someone interested in getting started? Don't let the word "CrossFit" scare you away.  Although it is high intensity workouts, EVERYTHING can be scaled down to fit your comfort level.  The hardest part is actually showing up to class (believe me, I would know).  Once you do that, you'll have nothing but great support from the coaches and our CrossFit family who will help motivate you to get you where you want to be.

Tell us something we don't know about you?  I grew up on a pig farm.  And yes, I know how to drive a tractor ;)

Favorite WOD?  Next question....

Least Favorite WOD?  Any WOD with burpees.