Female Athlete of the Month: July 2016

Name:  Stephanie Sams

Age:  31

Hometown:  Jerseyville, IL

Occupation:  Owner of Lucky Dog Grooming

How long have you been a member at 1020?  9 Months

Tell us about your first day walking through the doors at Ten Twenty: I started out at 1020 by doing personal sessions with Coach Dana.  I was really nervous and not sure if it was for me.  After 10 minutes, I felt at home.  Dana made me feel like I was working out with a friend instead of a trainer.

What benefits/accomplishments have you seen/had since joining? Since I started 1020, I no longer have longer back pain.  My cardio has improved, running doesn't take me as long as it used to.  Overall, I feel better about myself.

What are your individual goals? Just to keep improving.

Favorite moment at 1020 so far?  Coach Kyle Smith is helping me improve on my techniques.  With his help, I'm finally able to do handstands.  When I finally was able to do DUBS he was more proud than I was.  My second favorite moment was when I told Coach Brendan I was pregnant.  We talked about it for the whole workout!

What do you enjoy  most about the coaching staff at 1020? How friendly all the coaches are.  I am able to text them when I have any questions.  They go above and beyond when they want their athletes to succeed.  They give me advise on what foods to eat to improve my performance.  Along with at home work outs when I can't make it to the gym.

Words of advice for someone interested in getting started? You'll become addicted to it.  It might seem very intimidating until you enter the door.  It just isn't a gym, at 1020 everyone works together and motivates you to do your best.  You'll wish you would have started sooner.

Tell us something we don't know about you?  I have a charity called "Lucky Pawsibilities".  All items sold in my grooming shop are donated to an animal shelter every month.

Favorite WOD?  Fran

Least Favorite WOD?  Anything with Overhead Squats