Female Athlete of the Month: May 2016

Name:  Laura Meiser

Age:  27

Hometown:  Bethalto, IL

Occupation:  Bus Driver/Hairdresser

How long have you been a member at 1020?  5 Months

Tell us about your first day walking through the doors at Ten Twenty:  My bonus sister Jenna had been inviting me to come for a while and I came during January's bring a friend week.  I was nervous as all get out and a little intimidated.  I was also 6 months out from having a baby and really out of shape.  Everyone was so welcoming and positive and it helped put me to ease. 

What benefits/accomplishments have you seen/had since joining? Well, I have lost at least 20 pounds, can do a 20 second handstand hold, I can squat below parallel and box jumps.

What are your individual goals? Pull-ups, real push-ups and being able to get some serious weight on the barbell.

Favorite moment at 1020 so far?  There are so many I've had in the last 5 months, I just love the feeling of conquering a new movement or hitting a new PR.

What do you enjoy  most about the coaching staff at 1020? They are an amazing bunch of people.  They are so helpful, and always pushing you to do better.

Words of advice for someone interested in getting started? Just jump in and try it.  You will end up loving it.

Tell us something we don't know about you?  I love mermaids!

Favorite WOD?  The WOD Kyle Smith came up with after winning a challenge.  It had tire flips and sled pushes.

Least Favorite WOD?  16.5