Male Athlete of the Month: February 2016

Name:  Eli Aguinaga

Age:  25

Hometown:  Wood River, IL

Occupation:  Mechanical Designer/Engineer

How long have you been a member at 1020?  6 Months

Tell us about your first day walking through the doors at Ten Twenty: My roommate (Stuart Schiber) was talking about how I needed to start working out again, and that there is this CrossFit gym right down the road from us.  So after much debate with him and my reluctance to try it, him and I went to a Saturday workout to see what it would be like.  I knew it was going to be a long morning when the warm-up alone winded me.  Once I felt I had recovered from that portion, Dana had us do a partner workout.  After it was all said and done, that would be the first time I've ever vomited from a workout.  So thank you for that!!!

What benefits/accomplishments have you seen/had since joining? I've made a lot of progress with my weight loss and slowly getting reconditioned.  I also feel stronger than I have a very long time.

What are your individual goals? To participate in a competition or two this year.

Favorite moment at 1020 so far?  The Saturday we all did 16.1.  It was a terrible workout, but it was awesome to see everyone do their best with it.  Then, the same day, changing gears completely and going out for the rest of the night to celebrate as a family!

What do you enjoy  most about the coaching staff at 1020? How helpful and knowledgeable they are when it comes to anything in the gym.  They are always willing to go above and beyond their job to make sure you hit your goals.

Words of advice for someone interested in getting started? To just take the plunge.  Once you join, you will never look back.  You will also gain a second family and support group that all want to see you succeed and better yourself.

Tell us something we don't know about you?  Well, I'm an enormous beer geek.  I have an obsessive amount of knowledge involving beer.  I also currently have one of those Pepsi coolers you see at any grocery store, sitting in my garage filled with all different types of beer.

Favorite WOD?  Even though it might have been one of the most difficult for me, it was probably the "Three Bars of Death" workout.  The feeling you get after completing that workout makes it all worth it.

Least Favorite WOD?   The 30-20-10 workout where you started doing Thrusters and DUB's then jumped into a second set of 30-20-10 of Snatches and Box Jumps.