Kyle Smith

Certification and Experience:

CrossFit Trainer Certified: Level 1

CrossFit Competitor

Power Lifting: 4 years

CrossFit Training: 5 years

K-12 Football Division 3A State Qualifier, 2011 Offensive Lineman

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville - School of Nursing


Cooking, hunting, fishing, hiking, trap & skeet shooting, watersports, spending time with my beautiful Fiance and our Australian Shepard puppy.

About Kyle:

I was the standard high school athlete that played football and lifted weights at the school gym year round in preparation for the next season. I played football from K-12 and during my senior year of high school, my graduating class had an undefeated season. After a few small college offers to play football, I bypassed the option to play college football and went to school to become a nurse. When I played football in high school I was overweight and used it to my advantage on the football field. After deciding not to play college level sports, I decided to pick up CrossFit to keep me busy and to finally achieve a better level of fitness and change my body. I played center as an offensive lineman weighing 280lbs when I graduated high school.

After 1.5 years of CrossFit, I weighed 190lbs. This program has done so much for me that I wanted to spread the methodology of CrossFit and how it can help anyone reach their goals. It doesn't matter if a person's aim is to gain or lose weight, or to build strength and endurance, CrossFit programming can achieve any goals in mind. I started out in my hometown during my first couple years of college by turning my old barn into a home gym. It began with rusty barbells with no bearings, pull up bars built from broken barbells, med balls created from sand inside of basketballs covered in duct tape, nasty, dirty unlevel concrete floors, and no heating/air conditioning. "The Barn" steadily became a place that was my own personal sanctuary to let loose every day and transform my body. In time my results brought other people in and eventually a BARNWOD was a daily thing. It brought it's own CrossFit community together and an unbeatable atmosphere that is so contagious.

Fast forward a couple years and now I am at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, School of Nursing working towards my BSN. I tried to exercise at the Fitness Center on campus, but it was simply too crowded with no way to do the daily workouts on So, a friend in nursing school was talking about CrossFit Ten Twenty and invited me to the facility.

Ever since my first day at CrossFit Ten Twenty, I have felt a warm welcome from each and every member. Unlike any other gym there is no judgement, just results. I love this facility so much and spent so much time there that I decided to get my Level 1 Certification to train CrossFit.