Congratulations to Coach Catlin

The Coaches and members of CrossFit 1020 want to congratulate Coach Catlin on opening his second CrossFit affiliate in Springfield, IL this past weekend.  We couldn't be more proud of him.  Head on over to Facebook and like Railsplitter CrossFit:

July Membership Anniversaries!

Let's give a big shout out to the following members on their awesome work and dedication to CrossFit 1020.  We are thankful to have each and every one of you as part of our family!

  • Katie Y. (July 2nd - 1 Year)

  • Mark W. (July 7th - 1 Year)

  • Sheri H. (July 15th - 1 Year)

  • Brendan M. (July 23rd - 1 Year)

  • Kristen D. (July 28th - 1 Year)

  • Kyle M. (July 29th - 1 Year)

Keep up the hard work!


June Birthdays!

We want to wish all our members with June Birthdays, a very Happy Birthday! 

  •   Brendan M. (June 1)

  • Meghan E. (June 2) 

  • Coach Dana (June 4) 

  • Emily H. (June 6)

  • Alaina D. (June 9) 

  • Trisha J.  (June 11)

  • Coach Kyle (June 24) 

  • Mike P. (June 29) 

  • Ryan M. (June 30)