Why is Water so Important? by Coach Lyndy

Why is Water so Important?

We all know we need water.  We all know we need to drink it.  We have been told we need it over and over again.  As most, we never listen to what we are told.  The amount of water we need daily is per pound that a person weighs, they need a half ounce of water.  

(I weigh 125 pounds so that is about 63 ounces of water a day, which is roughly 2 liters of water.)

That is just to survive and be hydrated.  That is not including grueling workouts that you may come across in a CrossFit gym.  You need to drink more!  Water not only hydrates, it is essential in recovery.  It helps remove toxins.  It keeps the kidneys happy.  It also keeps the pesky muscle cramps away that can creep up quickly if dehydrated.  I know most like to drink pre-workouts before a workout, not that it is wrong but if you haven't had a good amount of water, you are setting yourself up to become dehydrated.  Dehydration isn't just cramps.  It comes in may different forms, it can be nausea, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, back pain (kidneys), and flu-like symptoms.  Sounds crazy?  Why would it even be a question to not have water to quench?  If your excuses are as follows...

  1. That is too much water

  2. I hate feeling like I have to pee

  3. I need flavor

  4. I don't sweat so it's ok

  5. I need caffeine

First off, I am blankly staring at you with any of these statements.  Second, please reevaluate your excuses and say them out loud to yourself!  You will find that water will help make you feel better, feel more full, and help with soreness.  You never will hurt your body by keeping it hydrating and happy!