Meet Ten Twenty's Nutritional Guide, Coach Lyndy!

Meet Ten Twenty's very own Nutritional Guide!  

Hello, My name is Lyndy!  I am a Clinical Lab Scientist, CrossFitter and the Ten Twenty Nutritional Guide.  These are just a few of my skill sets.  Am I an expert in nutrition?  Absolutely not!  I do not have a fancy nutritionist degree.  I never claim anything but more of a guide.  Starting CrossFit in 2013, I dove into being the complete athlete.  I was in the gear, gym 6 days a week, and totally paleo!  Before 2013, let me take you into my complete failures in nutrition.  I was a soccer player that could eat candy and pasta and gain abs.  I was always 99 pounds and extremely lean before I graduated.  Then apparently turning 19, my metabolism decided to die.  I gained about 43 pounds.  From 19 until 23, I fluctuated from 126 - 140 pounds.  I exercised but definitely didn't eat right.  I defeated the purpose.  By the time I turned 24, I was fed up.  I decided a bodybuilding bikini show was a way to help me.  I figured it would keep me motivated and help me eat.  In my mind, that was the definition of healthy.  I spent two years eating nothing, starving myself, and only working on isolated lifting.  Now, forward to 2013, as I'm being told I don't have the body for the bikini show, as I'm sitting at 100 pounds, I found CrossFit.  

I lived, breathed and slept CrossFit.  I learned nutrition.  I did the zone, paleo and clean eating.  I figured out what worked, what was good, what was terrible, and found my groove.  My ramble of my life story is just a long version that I've been on the whole spectrum of too tiny all the way to overweight.  With my failures, I've developed experience.  Working with the owner of the gym I started in, who has a ton of experience, taught me a lot.  I am constantly researching and educating myself on new fads, the good and the bad, and the best when it comes to nutrition.  I am finishing up my exercise science degree.  Some may say you need a degree to tell people what to eat.  I personally believe you need someone who understands your goals.  I fully believe not one person can be treated the same when developing meal plans.  Chicken and rice is boring.  I am always figuring out way to take unhealthy and turn it into healthy.  I am very creative with food.  I want to show people food can be healthy and taste good.  I am here to help whether you want five pounds gone, gain muscle, or lose 100 pounds.  Nutrition is my game.