What is CrossFit? by Coach Brendan

Someone asked me the other day what CrossFit is.  Of course, I gave them the standard definition that we've all heard a million times.  But when I thought back later at what it actually is to me, I found it has so much more of a meaning than just exercise to me.

I can't explain to everyone the amount of times where I just wasn't in the mood to train or had a bad day.  Then I walk into our beautiful home that we call Ten Twenty and everything just disappears; smiling faces are there to greet me every time.  You have no idea how capable you are to change someone's day with just a simple hello.  I truly hope our gym is a place where you all can go and experience that same feeling because that's what it's supposed to be.

We call ourselves a family but I don't think anyone has ever taken a step back and thought about how true of a statement that really is.  I've met lifelong friends here and have grown to love so many of you.  The fact that I get to coach you all is still surreal to me.  I have the privilege of watching and helping everyone progress as athletes and as human beings and I just can't thank you enough for that.  When someone hits a PR and their face lights up with joy - that is something that can't be replaced by anything in the world (you all make the face so don't try to act tough).  The atmosphere at Ten Twenty is better now than ever before and it honestly just keeps getting better.  There's no one I'd rather dance with, sweat with, suffer with or laugh with.  You are my best friends and I appreciate every single one of you training with me day in and day out.  So What is CrossFit?  CrossFit is us!


Coach Brendan