The Influence we have on others......

Ill keep this short and sweet.....

Got to spend some unexpected time with my family on the 4th this year. It was short but with my hectic schedule at the moment I do not get to see them as much as I would like. If you know my family then you know how crazy they are(good crazy), if you don't well just surround yourself with a huge group of people who like to talk over one another and are not afraid of finishing a keg on a tuesday afternoon. Yeah, they are great and I FUCKING love them all! I really like spending time with all my little cousins, they are hilarious and a great group of kids! I laugh non-stop when I am around them and they are pretty much the reason for this post.

I have been meaning to talk about the influence we have on others around us and this gave me a perfect opportunity. We influence everyone around us but especially the kids. No matter if you are their parents, cousins, aunt, uncle these kids look up to you and you better be setting a good example or I will hurt you. You remember being little, well maybe not a lot of it but you remember all those "big kids" you looked up to. Yesterday, I was that "Big Kid" and they came running up and saying make a muscle make a muscle, so I would and they would get pumped up. My glory quickly faded once my girlfriend made a muscle though. They were way more impressed by her, most days I am to at the box as well, she's a badass. The point I am trying to make is, if you are lazy, do not care about your health and eat like shit...well it is a pretty good guess that the kids that you are around will act and do the same. They are impressionable and they are our future, don't ruin it. Set a good example by teaching the importance of putting the iPad down and getting outside. I had the best days when I showed back up with bumps, bruises and mud head to toe. My parents weren't impressed at the mud all over but i think my dad is happy how I turned out. Thanks Phil, you rock. Let those little kids experience the same thing we all did! That leads to kids becoming active and playing,learning new sports. They will BE BETTER HUMANS. It also teaches them that soda is horrible for us and eating sugar non stop will lead to obesity and a unhealthy lifestyle. If you haven't picked up on my point yet, we are in trouble but Ill underline it......LITTLE KIDS LOOK UP TO EVERY OLDER PERSON AROUND THEM! 

This post is not just directed towards parents, although I hope all those parents out there are listening. It is directed towards anyone who has little kids in their life they see regularly. They are watching so don't fuck up. I have the upmost respect for all those CrossFit Moms and Dads out there, yeah you are becoming a kick ass version of yourself but you are also making those around you want to be better and that is powerful!!!

PS- I used CrossFit because that is kind of my life, any parents who are healthy and live an active lifestyle are kick ass though.

Stay Hungry, Stay Humble

Catlin Utterback