A Letter from Your.....

Sometimes I wonder what I am to everyone around my affiliates. I don't want to be referred to as a "BOSS", to my employees, thats to blah. I look at my employees when I talk, not down at them. I guess you can call me coach but I want to be more than that. Lets call this a letter from your FRIEND, thats really all I want. I want to be someone you think of first when you need help with something. So here it goes...A Letter from your FRIEND.

So the last two weeks have been hectic, fun, tiring, productive....the list could go on and on. Throughout it all though I have kept all of you in mind. All of those who have stood by Ten Twenty and been apart of its growth and all of those new faces who are ready to start their fitness journey and be apart of our family. I wanted to make this post to inform you all of a few things, great things that have been happening!

First off, the box up north is coming together better/faster than expected. Rail Splitter CrossFit will be open in the early days of August and I am excited for all of you to come check it out! We have been working round the clock to bring that "Ten Twenty Experience" up north and things are starting to come together. The back warehouse is almost 100% and we start on the front warehouse next! My business partner, Zack Serrano will be running class while me and Sonny Aidich finish up making the box 110%. We will be adding a warm-up area, turf and Olympic Lifting Platforms in the first warehouse. Then we will move into the "Store Front" to finish our Members Lounge, Offices, Restrooms, Day Care, etc. Oh and that is all Air Conditioned, so that will be a nice feature after those fun classes in this midwest humidity. 

To all my Ten Twenty members, I was just informed by all my coaches that everyone has been rising to the occasion and crushing WODs lately! Consistency is Key! Love and hate to hear that, love hearing that you all are on top of your game and hate not getting to see it. I am super proud of all of you and you all are the reason I keep pushing to make sure you have the best experience possible! Like I said, you all believed in 1020 from the start and continue to impress me. Love checking that whiteboard every night! I will unfortunately be gone the next couple months but make no mistake, I have made sure to create a team of coaches that will take care of you and make sure you are getting what YOU need. I will be back though, the buildout phase up north is just a lot at the moment but will be back down south more very soon!

We are wrapping up our flight to LAX, yes I am enjoying a rum and coke at the moment. We will be updating throughout the week/weekend of our adventures at the Games. Excited to watch the pros throw down and compete for GOLD. I will be distant from my phone this weekend but will see all of you next week! Keep crushing it and keep training, we have the Clash of the Classes on August 15th!!!!

Stay Hungry, Stay Humble

Catlin Utterback