Attention all Athletes!!!

Have several things to go over! Let me start off by saying what another great week at Ten Twenty! Several PRs but more importantly I can see everyone becoming stronger mentally, especially during these hot summer months!!! 

  1. Adding a 4pm Class to our week on Monday and Wednesdays!
  2. Clash of the Classes 1020 vs. TNT is still set for August 15th, save the date. I anticipate to see EVERY member there! WODs 1 and 2 will be announced soon! The 3rd will be a surprise, we love surprises.
  3. We will be changing up the programming once my second affiliate opens up, oh yeah in guess I haven't told you all. My second affiliate has been approved and we will be opening doors in Springfield IL mid to late august!!!! The new programming will be similar to how it is now just adding a few things to accommodate for all members! We will be integrating WODIFY at both affiliates, this means we will be completing the same class. Making our whiteboard that much bigger to give ourself that extra push and friendly competition from up north!
  4. Capping Classes: As we grow we will be capping classes at 12 for 1 coach and 20 for 2 coaches. This is to ensure every member is getting the proper coaching during class to keep everyone safe and efficient! Please make sure you are signing into classes the night before to save your spot for that time slot or you will have to choose another class! You are able to sign up a whole week in advance, so if you know your schedule, sign up for every class Monday- Friday you will be attending!
  5. Summer Goals- Keep striving to mark those goals off the wall. Consistency is key in anything we do in life. Keep showing up and LISTENING to your coaches! They know whats best for you and have the knowledge and expertise. 
  6. BRING A BUDDY WEEK: I know several of you have friends that have been interested in starting our amazing sport. We will be having a Bring a Buddy week here soon. All members can bring in one extra friend to class each day for free!!! The programming for that week will be designed for anyone and everyone interested in joining so please invite whomever(1 buddy per class). Please do not hesitate to give our information to anyone to get started though, their first session is free of charge!!!
  7. RED Shirt order is being placed tomorrow! We will be also ordering several more shirts to keep in stock!
  8. I want to thank all of you for your patience during the construction at 1020. We have been doing our best at keep everything clean!!! It will be wrapping up in the next few weeks! Also want to thank everyone for the positive energy and atmosphere you all bring to 1020!!!! Quality over Quantity.....

Stay Hungry, Stay Humble

Catlin Utterback