I do the CrossFit Open because...

At our 16.1 Open Event on Saturday, February 27th, we asked some of our Ten Twenty Athletes why they do the CrossFit Open and here are their amazing answers.

"I do the CrossFit Open because I like to feel the pain." - Stuart S.

"I do the CrossFit Open because I am a part of a team and a family who is continually getting stronger.  We don't give up on each other." - Alaina D.

"I do the CrossFit Open because I want to be a badass like the girls who do CrossFit at Ten Twenty." - Brandi W.

"I do the CrossFit Open because it makes me better than yesterday and Emily is there." - Jenna P.

"I do the CrossFit Open because it brings our CrossFit family together and we motivate each other." - Mel W.

"I do the CrossFit Open because of the unity it brings." - Omar O.

"I do the CrossFit Open because my roommates a jerk (Stuart)." - Eli A.

"I do the CrossFit Open because I enjoy comparing myself to every one else in the world." - Kyle M.

"I do the CrossFit Open because I will beat Froning." -Brendan M.

"I do the CrossFit Open because I want to track my progress and to push pass my limit to show no matter what circumstances I'm in, there is no excuse to take the easy road." - Kyle C.

"I do the CrossFit Open because I want to track my progress from last year, and it is a great experience for getting used to a competitive setting!" - Kyle S.

"I do the CrossFit Open because Coach Dana told me to."  -Abby S.

"I do the CrossFit Open because this is my first open." - Jon C.

"I do the CrossFit Open because I want to be the best Mom possible." - Laura M.

"I do the CrossFit Open to compete and it is fun." - Andrew C.

"I do the CrossFit Open because to push my mental and physical capacity and to laugh and have a blast with all my friends." - Dana B.

"I do the CrossFit Open because let's be honest, what else would I be doing?" -Keaton K.

"I do the CrossFit Open because it pushes me to do better and every one is doing it." - Shelby C.

"I do the CrossFit Open because my sister made me." - Daniel B.

"I do the CrossFit Open because it is there!" - Dennis A.

"I do the CrossFit Open because it is fun to see how I compare to an actual games athlete and the people in the area and then laugh at myself when scores come in." - Lyndy K.

"I do the CrossFit Open because I love to compete and push myself harder than I ever thought I could." - Chris H.

"I do the CrossFit Open because all my friends are doing it." - Christie H.

"I do the CrossFit Open because I want to see how I progress every year and so I can eat more PIZZA." - Emily H.

Thanks for reading and Good Luck to all in the remainder of the CrossFit Open.  

-The Ten Twenty Coaching Staff

Why is Water so Important? by Coach Lyndy

Why is Water so Important?

We all know we need water.  We all know we need to drink it.  We have been told we need it over and over again.  As most, we never listen to what we are told.  The amount of water we need daily is per pound that a person weighs, they need a half ounce of water.  

(I weigh 125 pounds so that is about 63 ounces of water a day, which is roughly 2 liters of water.)

That is just to survive and be hydrated.  That is not including grueling workouts that you may come across in a CrossFit gym.  You need to drink more!  Water not only hydrates, it is essential in recovery.  It helps remove toxins.  It keeps the kidneys happy.  It also keeps the pesky muscle cramps away that can creep up quickly if dehydrated.  I know most like to drink pre-workouts before a workout, not that it is wrong but if you haven't had a good amount of water, you are setting yourself up to become dehydrated.  Dehydration isn't just cramps.  It comes in may different forms, it can be nausea, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, back pain (kidneys), and flu-like symptoms.  Sounds crazy?  Why would it even be a question to not have water to quench?  If your excuses are as follows...

  1. That is too much water

  2. I hate feeling like I have to pee

  3. I need flavor

  4. I don't sweat so it's ok

  5. I need caffeine

First off, I am blankly staring at you with any of these statements.  Second, please reevaluate your excuses and say them out loud to yourself!  You will find that water will help make you feel better, feel more full, and help with soreness.  You never will hurt your body by keeping it hydrating and happy!

Why Do You CrossFit? by Megan Green

Megan Green

Why do you CrossFit?

I can say I was scared to start CrossFit because I was not strong, nor was I that fit and when I thought about CrossFit, that is what popped into my head.  One day I watched a girl that was 12 do a 75-pound thruster and told myself if she can do it, than I can do it.  Then I joined CrossFit Ten Twenty and had no idea that my life was completely going to change, for the good.  I  am eating healthier now, excited to workout and fin my new 1 rep max.  CrossFit means so much more to me now.  It is my outlet, and makes me feel so good about myself.  I know that because of CrossFit, I gained another family, amazing friends, and confidence in myself, which I never had.

If you could describe Ten Twenty in three unique words, what would they be?

The first word would be Family, because I know anyone at Ten Twenty would be there for me and to help push me to get my goals.  Second word would be home, because when I walk into Ten Twenty, I feel I am at a place I know I am meant to belong.  Last word would be determination, because everyone is determined to get where they want and they don't give up.  Everyone there is determined to see where the family is going to go, and everyone will be there to push you to get to your goals.

What is your favorite quote?

My favorite Quote is "Courage doesn't always roar.  Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying 'I will try again tomorrow.'" --Mary Ann Radmacher

What is CrossFit? by Coach Brendan

Someone asked me the other day what CrossFit is.  Of course, I gave them the standard definition that we've all heard a million times.  But when I thought back later at what it actually is to me, I found it has so much more of a meaning than just exercise to me.

I can't explain to everyone the amount of times where I just wasn't in the mood to train or had a bad day.  Then I walk into our beautiful home that we call Ten Twenty and everything just disappears; smiling faces are there to greet me every time.  You have no idea how capable you are to change someone's day with just a simple hello.  I truly hope our gym is a place where you all can go and experience that same feeling because that's what it's supposed to be.

We call ourselves a family but I don't think anyone has ever taken a step back and thought about how true of a statement that really is.  I've met lifelong friends here and have grown to love so many of you.  The fact that I get to coach you all is still surreal to me.  I have the privilege of watching and helping everyone progress as athletes and as human beings and I just can't thank you enough for that.  When someone hits a PR and their face lights up with joy - that is something that can't be replaced by anything in the world (you all make the face so don't try to act tough).  The atmosphere at Ten Twenty is better now than ever before and it honestly just keeps getting better.  There's no one I'd rather dance with, sweat with, suffer with or laugh with.  You are my best friends and I appreciate every single one of you training with me day in and day out.  So What is CrossFit?  CrossFit is us!


Coach Brendan

Homemade Protein Bars by Coach Lyndy

Homemade Protein Bars

I just tried a couple things to see how it would taste and they were awesome.


  • 1 Cup Raw Almonds
  • 1 Cup Plain Oats
  • 1 Cup Sunflower Seeds
  • 1/2 Cup Walnuts
  • 1/2 Cup Coconut Water
  • 1/4 Cup 80% Dark Chocolate
  • 2 Tablespoons of Flax Seed

Blend/crush all ingredients above.  Put in baking pan and squish down tight into dish.  Put in over for 15 minutes at 350 degrees.  While baking melt 1/2 raw peanut butter for about 30 seconds in microwave.  After 15 minutes in the over take dish out.  Pour Peanut Butter on top and spread.  Put dish in freezer for 4-5 hours.  

Take out and ENJOY!

Meet Ten Twenty's Nutritional Guide, Coach Lyndy!

Meet Ten Twenty's very own Nutritional Guide!  

Hello, My name is Lyndy!  I am a Clinical Lab Scientist, CrossFitter and the Ten Twenty Nutritional Guide.  These are just a few of my skill sets.  Am I an expert in nutrition?  Absolutely not!  I do not have a fancy nutritionist degree.  I never claim anything but more of a guide.  Starting CrossFit in 2013, I dove into being the complete athlete.  I was in the gear, gym 6 days a week, and totally paleo!  Before 2013, let me take you into my complete failures in nutrition.  I was a soccer player that could eat candy and pasta and gain abs.  I was always 99 pounds and extremely lean before I graduated.  Then apparently turning 19, my metabolism decided to die.  I gained about 43 pounds.  From 19 until 23, I fluctuated from 126 - 140 pounds.  I exercised but definitely didn't eat right.  I defeated the purpose.  By the time I turned 24, I was fed up.  I decided a bodybuilding bikini show was a way to help me.  I figured it would keep me motivated and help me eat.  In my mind, that was the definition of healthy.  I spent two years eating nothing, starving myself, and only working on isolated lifting.  Now, forward to 2013, as I'm being told I don't have the body for the bikini show, as I'm sitting at 100 pounds, I found CrossFit.  

I lived, breathed and slept CrossFit.  I learned nutrition.  I did the zone, paleo and clean eating.  I figured out what worked, what was good, what was terrible, and found my groove.  My ramble of my life story is just a long version that I've been on the whole spectrum of too tiny all the way to overweight.  With my failures, I've developed experience.  Working with the owner of the gym I started in, who has a ton of experience, taught me a lot.  I am constantly researching and educating myself on new fads, the good and the bad, and the best when it comes to nutrition.  I am finishing up my exercise science degree.  Some may say you need a degree to tell people what to eat.  I personally believe you need someone who understands your goals.  I fully believe not one person can be treated the same when developing meal plans.  Chicken and rice is boring.  I am always figuring out way to take unhealthy and turn it into healthy.  I am very creative with food.  I want to show people food can be healthy and taste good.  I am here to help whether you want five pounds gone, gain muscle, or lose 100 pounds.  Nutrition is my game.

Valentine's Day Partner WOD - Saturday, February 13th

Saturday, February 13th from Noon to 3pm, we will be hosting a Valentine's Day Partner WOD!  Anyone is invited!  We will have two workouts:  one weightlifting and one partner workout. 

There will be a sign-up sheet to sign-up your partner and yourself at Ten Twenty.  You can also post your name on the sheet if you are looking for a partner!!  

Hope to see you there!

Why Do You CrossFit? by Andrew Csepp

Andrew Csepp

Why do you CrossFit?

I do CrossFit to compete, be fit, stay healthy, live longer, release stress and make friends.

If you could describe Ten Twenty in three unique words, what would they be?

Ten Twenty is all about family, fitness and fun in that order.

What is your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is from rocky!  "It's not about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward."

IceBreather Classic Follow-Up

Congrats to all the competitors in the 2016 IceBreather Classic this past weekend.  A special shout out to the Ten Twenty Athletes and Coaches who competed this year.  Congrats to Coach Dana and Kim for taking 3rd place in the RX division!  Thanks to the Ten Twenty family who came out to show their support!

The Icebreather Classic - Saturday, January 30th, 2016

Don't forget to come out and support some of CrossFit Ten Twenty's Coaches, Athelete's and Friends in the 2016 Icebreather Classic hosted at Capital City CrossFit this Saturday, January 30th.

Team ain't no cream in my coffee I got that shankle blood (Jeremiah & Brendan)

9:30am, 12:12pm, 3:15pm (Lane 5, Heat 7)

Team CrossFit 1020 (Dana & Kim)

9:45am, 12:30pm, 3:35pm (Lane 8, Heat 8)

2 Guys 1 Name (Chris & Chris)

9:15am, 12:00pm, 2:55pm (Lane 2, Heat 6)

Every Man FRANtasy (Jenna & Kristen)

8:45am, 11:30am, 2:15pm (Lane 10, Heat 4)

If you need or want more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/The-Icebreather-Classic-Capital-City-CrossFit-385838508219092/

Barbell Battle Follow-Up

This past weekend, Ten Twenty had three teams compete in the Barbell Battle at CrossFit Collinsville.  We could not be more proud of each and every one of the competitors.  A big shout out to Dana and Jenna who took 2nd place in the Women's RX Division.  Thanks for all the Ten Twenty members who came out to support their fellow athletes and coaches.  Thanks CrossFit Collinsville for having us and we look forward to the next competition. 

Barbell Battle - Saturday, January 16th

Don't forget to come out and support some of CrossFit Ten Twenty's Coaches and Athelete's in the 2016 Barbell Battle hosted at CrossFit Collinsville this Saturday, January 16th.

CrossFit 1020 (Chris & Keaton) - 8:15am, 10:20am, 1:40pm  (Heat 1)   

Ten Twenty (Dana & Jenna) - 8:25am, 10:36am, 1:52pm (Heat 2)     

Mexican Adrenaline (Andrew & Omar) - 8:45am, 11:08am, 2:16pm (Heat 4)

If you need or want more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/CrossFit-Collinsville-101836343298828/

Fall Back Into Fitness Event

Check out our latest event.  The Fall Back Into Fitness event is for anyone interested in CrossFit, anyone looking for a new place to workout or any family and friends wanting to come out and support CrossFit 1020.  This event will be a laid-back, fun-filled morning with some great demos, partner WODS and some beverages and grilling out afterwards!!  

Interested in becoming a vendor at the event, contact us via e-mail at CrossFit1020@gmail.com for more information.

Go to link to check it out & RSVP:

Congratulations to Coach Catlin

The Coaches and members of CrossFit 1020 want to congratulate Coach Catlin on opening his second CrossFit affiliate in Springfield, IL this past weekend.  We couldn't be more proud of him.  Head on over to Facebook and like Railsplitter CrossFit: